The Langham Cultural Society Centre

The Langham Theatre


Welcome to the Langham, Kaslo, B.C.

Since 1975  the Langham Cultural Society, commonly known as the Langham, has played a vital role as a cultural arts centre in Kaslo and the North Kootenay Lake Community, and throughout the wider West Kootenay region.

It’s first project was the purchase and restoration of this unique heritage building in 1974 for use as a cultural arts centre. The award winning heritage building was built in the mid 1890’s and opened in 1896 as a hotel, but since has seen many incarnations. These include a bottling plant, a bank, and during the second world war was an internment centre for Canadians of Japanese descent. After the war, the building was purchased by the Baba brothers who used it as a facility to build their Japanese – style fishing boats.

Over the past 4 decades, the Langham has provided gallery shows, theatre, concerts, films and performances, poetry and prose readings, and workshops.  The society also runs the small Japanese Canadian Museum and supports regional and national professional artists as well as emerging Columbia Basin artists by providing opportunities to show their work. The Langham also provides 14 studios at low rents.

Coming Events

A couple of days up at the Jumbo Hut in Jumbo Pass with Leah Evans and Sebastian.


Thursday December 10th and Friday December 11, at 7:30 pm. For…